Bang in the heart of the inner west, Tortuga Studios is a collaborative space that houses artists, makers and cultural production professionals. Established in 2008, it is one of Sydney’s largest and longest-running ARIs, and proudly independent. 

There are 25 studios in the building that house 23 independent creative businesses and countless local creatives, as well as contract workers. There is also a large-scale photographic studio, a hot desk and gallery space available for casual hire at reasonable rates.

Housed in an old brick factory

All rusted girders and steel beams, soaring ceilings,
saw-toothed rooves and towering warehouse walls

The space informs much of what we do. As a production space, it has the hallmarks of large-scale fabrication joint, with sky-high roller doors leading to high ceilings and interior hard stand. As a creative space, the building’s raw industrial aesthetic is inspiring to some, while others create pieces of such ephemeral beauty, they form a stark contrast to this brutal beauty. And as a multipurpose creative gathering space, this industrial playground offers up community, solidarity and purpose in spades.