Easy Speak

Tortuga Studios Group Show, Friday 24th June 6-10pm

Speak easy boys, the law’s in town! Wreathed in a smoky pall and lit like a working girl’s wallet, the speakeasy pulses with the slick timing of impiety, its wanton sacrilege and fleshy morals the roaring heart of 1920s Prohibition society. Irreverent, ungracious and darkly decadent, these underground spaces – known as blind tigers – forged talent from raw grit, keeping society lubricated and culture ripe. A hiccupping anarchy was dressed in silks, jewels and a panama hat, laced with bribery, corruption and sporting a Tommy gun. Slide on down to the place where speak is easy, and bear witness to a riotous celebration of talent.

Easy Speak featured the work of over 40 artists, across all disciplines, including: Garth Knight, Sam Ash, Mini Graff, Will Coles, Shanta, Jesse Cox, Johnny Bell, Perran Costi, Peter Strong, Edward Horne, Charlotte Haywood, Alien Proof Construction, Pirate Photography, Giles Morgan, Terry Archer, LuLu CS, Andros & Bathcat, Rachael Lafferty, Nick Fox, Emily McDaniel, Justin Harvey, Sam Keene, Martin Renaud, Jo Shand, Andres Guidobono, Léonie Therrien Tremblay, Justin & Azelia Maynard, Cheung Ha, Sumugan Sivanesan, Kathy Corcoran, Michelle McCosker, Siân McIntyre, Graham Endin and more Live music from the The Blind Tigers, a talent-strewn furore that features Nomaddox and the Dude, the formidable John Maddox (Gauche/ Mr Bamboo) and Raf Dabrowski, Ivan Jordan (Tracky Dax, The Delroys, King Tide, Paul Mac, Fergus Brown), Alex Norman (Kush Cabaret) and Gregg Telian (Fig). And performances from Vashti Hughes and Razorgang and Wildfire.

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