ECHOES: a group show for ART MONTH 2017: 3rd-15th March

Ben Tankard
Ben Tankard

The past has a constant echo. It is a reverberation of time with a diaphanous yet insistent tenure on the present that tugs and weaves us back, retelling the story, laced with remembrance and reminiscence.

Book final
Celine Roberts

Wearing memory like a shawl, the present has splinters of the past poking through threadbare patches, velvet-soft portals that spiral and curl time to a bygone era.

Proudly part of ART MONTH 2017 and headed up by acclaimed Blue Mountains artist Ben Tankard in association with Tanya Chaitow, Maz Dixon, Cathy Drew, Maria Gorton, Celine Roberts, and Alex Scheibner, Echoes is a group show that reflects, reimagines, references, reinterprets and reanimates the past.

'Most Commanding of Her Wonderful Ruins' by Maz Dixon
Maz Dixon

Featuring fine art, sculpture, prints, photography and mixed media (including works that incorporate embroidery, and digitally altered photography), Echoes promises to hold your hand and gently transport you back to the past.

Tanya Chaitow
Tanya Chaitow

As with an echo of sound, it is loaded with reverberation; as with an echo of memory, it is loaded with inference; as with an echo of something else – a parallel – it is loaded with inference. It is, quite simply, loaded, a glimpse in the cracked mirror of time.

What will be reflected back at you?

Maria Gorton

During ART MONTH 2017, Echoes opens at 6pm on Friday 3rd March 2017 at Tortuga Studios and runs until 15th March, with live music by Reign on Mars on opening night.




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