IN THE NIGHT GARDEN Friday 14th September 6pm A Glowing Reprise


In the crevices of a darkened world in the back streets of St Peters glow exotic urban flowers that bloom but once a year and only at night.

In the night garden light sculptures, installations and projections burnish the inky darkness, creating a sensory, evocative world, full of salacious suggestion, delicate beauty and an ominous shiver of fear.

In association with MAYS, INDEX, Wundermite, Arcade Screenprinting and Sublitech, Tortuga Studios are proud to present some of Sydney’s most intriguing artists as they tend to their garden beneath the shadows of the night.

Follow the glimmer along Mays Lane to visit the night garden that blooms at Tortuga Studios, its tendrils lighting the sultry dusk of Applebee and Hutchinson Streets from sunset on Friday September 14th 2012.

Garth Knight
Perran Costi
Francesca D’Amico
Pete Strong
Sarah Clunie
Punk Monk
Alex Wisser
Georgina Pollard
Sara Di Terlizzi
Justin and Azelia Maynard
Alien Proof Construction
Rachael Lafferty
Jess Pickford
Pirate Photography
The Forge
Wundermite Studios
Pierre Cavalan
Claire Cavalan
MC Beats
Swerve Harris
Rob Kay
Ganbold Lundaa
Jacq Sherry
Andy Medina
Mary Flaskas
Becci Lampard
Connull Stevens
Tealia Scott
Isaac Gallagher
Luz  CS
Cheungha Lim
Live art from: Andros and associates… (more TBC)

Corner Applebee and Hutchinson Streets, St Peters
Friday 14th September 2012 6pm

Check out the video from last year……..

In The Night Garden October 2011 from Peter Strong on Vimeo.

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