Presented by Ganbold Lundaa (Gawaa) and Tortuga Studios

As part of Open Marrickville          

Born in Mongolia, Ganbold Lundaa has experienced the very heart of the Gobi desert, an observer as both nomadic herdsman and artist. Today, Gawaa (as he is known) calls Marrickville home, and his exhibition, From Mongolia to Marrickville TORTUGA STUDIOS, THURSDAY 20 JUNE, 6-9pm) explores what it means to be an Mongolian living in Western society.

Inspired by a journey from Mongolia to Marrickville, experience fusion culture through an eclectic exhibition of visual art, Mongolian throat singing, horse fiddle, yurt display and local performers.

Opening night: Thursday 20 June, 6-9pm                                                                                                                                                Show runs until Sunday 23 June, 11am-3pm


I was born in Mongolia in a traditional rural village in south west Gobi. My father was the local council representative and my mother the village doctor – I was born as the third of seven children.

At the age of 18 my study was cut short by the Mongolian revolution. During this period I worked as a nomadic herdsman, on either camel or horseback. I left my village at the age of 20 to do national service. Once completed I moved to Ulaanbaatar and joined my father’s new, post-revolutionary business trading cashmere.

Throughout this time I was drawing, sketching the Gobi desert and absorbing my culture and heritage through the bare rock of the land that exists in the rain shadow of the the Himalayas.

Image credit: Lily, painted from photo reference is old school map colours, 2 metres tall by 1.2 metres wide.

wrangling and untangling words

Lily - Art by Ganbold Lundaa (Gawaa) Artwork by Ganbold Lundaa (Gawaa)Artwork by Ganbold Lundaa_1




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