In the Night Garden

September 16th 2011  

In the crevices of a darkened world in the back streets of St Peters glow exotic urban flowers that bloom but once a year and only at night. Their scent is the sparkle of light that flickers, gutters and casts a glow over the ghostly spectre of a city asleep, its cracked exoskeleton creating long shadows in the otherworldly gloom.   In the night garden light sculptures, installations and projections burnish the inky darkness, creating a sensory, evocative world, full of salacious suggestion, delicate beauty and an ominous shiver of fear.

Check out the video that captures parts of this amazing event

In association with MAYS, INDEX, Wundermite and Arcade Screenprinting, Tortuga Studios presentented some of Sydney’s most intriguing artists, including Garth Knight, Perran Costi, Edward Horne, Pete Strong, Chris Fox, Punk Monk, Jo Shand, Alex Wisser, Georgina Pollard, Gilbert Grace, Aesha Henderson and Sam Hickey, Sara Di Terlizzi, Kathy Leung, Justin and Azelia Maynard, Alien Proof Construction, Damian Martin, Justin Harvey, Mike Crane, Charlotte Hayward, Lu C S, Cheung Ha Lim, Rob Yee and Amelia Conway, Martin Renaud, Sarah Breen Lovett, Rachael Lafferty, Projector Obscura, Jesse Cox, Giles Morgan, Renee Falez, Sue Callanan, Raul Manriquez, Jaybe Live, Tim Maclean, Matt Woodham, Pirate Photography, with live drawing from Andros, Bathcat, and Houl.

Light brightens the darkest reaches of our memory. It represents the dawning of time, the fight between good and evil, the spark of imagination; yet its beauty is only seen from within the darkness, from the perspective of the murky half-light of a shadowed corner.   Follow the glimmer along Mays Lane to visit the night garden that blooms at Tortuga Studios, its tendrils lighting the sultry dusk of Applebee and Hutchinson Streets from sunset on September 16th 2011.

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