Subversion – 27th March


Cloaked in a wily shroud of deception, subversion looks the part, all straight lines, bowler hats and tucked-in undies. But beneath her chameleon cape a covert insurgency unravels wantonly, a ticking time-bomb set to blow the boundaries to bits…

As part of ART MONTH 2015, Tortuga Studios slips beneath society’s mantle into the shadowy realm of the subversive.

In a world bristling with mass surveillance, CCTV, data retention, media manipulation, corporate corruption, religious fanaticism and the spectre of cookie-cutter totalitarianism, we investigate the calculating depths of the anti-authoritarian, the utopian dream of the libertarian and a brooding dystopia that feeds a raging swell of anarchy.

Deceptive, covert and laced with anarchic verve, the aim of SUBVERSION is to overthrow, undermine and unravel the heart of the established system by means of challenging, irreverent works that demand an answer, albeit in a whisper.

Featuring the work of Brian Paisley, Chas Glover, Claire Conroy, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Francesca D’Amico, Guy Warren, H Morgan-Harris, Jochen Gutsch, Justin Harvey, Michaela Davies, Rachael Lafferty, Sarah Breen Lovett, Simon Scheuerle, Telly Tuita, Valentina Schulte, Will Coles and Wouter Van de Vorde, this promises to tweak the lurking reactionary in us all…

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