HOPE – Charles Clapshaw



Hope is looking up the hill, getting back on that horse and riding with a smile.
It’s a short wink.
Raising the hairs on the back of your neck when you know something good is about to happen.
Never give up on hope.
In this exhibition, Charles Clapshaw paints about hope.
About overcoming tragedy and being on the other side.
About dark forces. Machines.  And escaping their energy.
About love, truth, authenticity.
Paint, pain and bright colours.

Charles’s sometimes whimsical style is acrylic on canvas, with occasional linen and oil.  Objects and images are often stories but mostly working with space, dimensions and weight.
All canvas’ are part of the piece, handmade frames and stretched in studio.
The entire canvas is used, with visual tricks based on viewing angles and lighting – move around them, look underneath and up above.
The honesty of the lines and layered dimensions create a unique space, articulating Charles’ thoughts and eyes.

Ideas and concepts that are a juxtaposition of Charles analog style vs his digital life in New York.  Only machinery, wood, canvas and paint are used, mistakes and spills are highlighted, and lines are <only mostly> straight.
Its not about the detail.  Its about the composition.
Although the detail is of upmost importance.  Breaking the logic and rules of the paintings is also part of Charles’ ongoing contradiction.

Hope flows throughout these works.  Hope that the canvas stretches.  That the frame stays square.  And in each painting there is just that bit of happiness.  It may be there right in front of you.  Or it may need to be found.  Perhaps it’s in the post.  But the joy of finding hope makes Life.


Charles Clapshaw’s last solo show was in 2000 at the Tuatara gallery in Auckland, New Zealand.

Since then, Charles fell prey to the dark side of creativity and rose through the advertising industry, eventually leading a a major worldwide network from Madison Avenue, New York.

Through-out this time, Charles has been a prolific painter and in late 2012 he left the advertising industry to focus solely on his art.

This is his first show since.

Come and join us on the evening of the 5th, and you can see some pieces here: pinterest.com/charlesclapshaw/paintings

Opening Night Friday 5th April 2013
Exhibition from 5th-14th April
Open 11am-6pm daily

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