Auroras bleed fire across the firmament, dancing lights that flare in the night sky, the science abandoned to their mesmerising beauty. Random columns of fluorescence or tag-along shimmers that lure the unsuspecting to their end, the dark comes alive with light, much of it unexplained.

The Night Garden that blooms but once a year and only at night in the back streets of St Peters is aflame with this flickering fire. Light sculptures, installations and projections burnish the inky darkness, creating a sensory, evocative world that tingles with electromagnetic charge and the shiver of the unknown.

From the Min Min lights to Area 51, from will o’ the wisps to the supernatural orbs of chhir batti, ghost lights are phenomena that pluck your eyes to the heavens. They live in the rich realm of phantasmagoria, superstition and conspiracy leaking from every sparkling angle.

On Friday 21st September, in association with Trolley’d, Arcade Screenprinting, Percy Jacks – and in memory of The Forge –Tortuga Studios is proud to present some of Sydney’s most intriguing artists as they tend to their garden beneath the aurora.

Follow the fire in the sky into a world that wears the paranormal like a tight-fitting shirt, bulging with suspense and shiny lustre.

The night garden blooms at Tortuga Studios, its light trails aflame in the sultry dusk of Applebee and Hutchinson Streets in St Peters.

Corner Applebee and Hutchinson Streets
St Peters
Friday 21st September 2018 6.30-10pm


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