dis\ruption – a group art exhibition FRIDAY, 12th April 2024 6pm-10pm atTortuga Studios Tractor snarls on the highways of Europe, pandemics, Palestine shattered into dust … Read more

art by Christie Torrington & Keef McTwist


Sydney artists, Christie Torrington and Keef McTwist unite like Voltron to bring you Star-Gated Communities, an exhibition of works on paper, exploring the medium of … Read more


The Tattooed Woman, fire fairies, Bird Girl, an octopus hand pickled in perpetuity, a mohawked warrior and low-slung sky machines draw crowds of awe, specimens … Read more

Toymageddon 29.11.19

Toymageddon In the aftermath of the toy tsunami that wreaks havoc on little-knowing parents, amidst the splinters of plastic, shattered skeletal forms, sociopathic LEGO blocks … Read more