September 2010 THE SYDNEY FRINGE – Irreverence: An Open Studio Exhibition

18-19 September 2010 10am – 6pm

Tortuga Studios invites you to scratch and sniff the underbelly of Sydney’s pungent underground arts scene. Controversial, provocative and trailing tendrils of sniggering subversion, this open studio exhibition offers a glimpse into the world of the collective artist-run warehouse space and the art that it inspires.The artists of Tortuga slide the sharpest cutting edge, creating art that is joyous in its irreverence.

20 artists; 12 open studios; and some very asymmetrical fringes…

The Sydney Fringe Festival is a peek underneath at the urban and the unconventional, a two week perv at what’s happening next. In association with Geoff Levitus of The Ultimo Project, Tortuga director H Morgan-Harris is visual arts co-curator for the Fringe, putting together a program of visual arts that showcases the inner west, our emergent and underground arts scene and the ever-growing band of artists-run initiatives that are blossoming in the area.

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