The Lawn Sale

A one-time, once-only, chance-of-a-lifetime bargain basement bonanza art auction…

This Friday 20th Dec, 6 till 9pm
Tortuga Studios , 31 Princes Hwy, St Peters

Fifteen feet of Bundy bear looms up ahead, a small pink waistcoat with Meet Me At The Ettamogah Pub barely covering his moulting pelt; beneath a wealth of weary Best & Less bras, deep in a sagging divorce bag, Mad Max II is immortalised on VHS, and a stuffed squirrel perkily chokes on its nuts.

A bedraggled flamingo is working it at the edge of a perfectly manicured lawn, while a guinea pig in a floral bow-tie struggles with a severe case of turf burn. This is it. This is the lawn sale, the one-time, once-only chance-of a-lifetime haggle-fest, the chance to pick up a work of art for the price of a small bedraggled puppy listed as “untrainable”. 

The auction will feature the work of over 30 artists, including Alien Proof Construction, Pete Strong, Bunkwaa, Pirate Photography, Lu Campbell-Smith, Philippe Vincent, Dean Sewell, Will Coles, Andrea Davies, Azelia Maynard, Justin Harvey, Brian Paisley, Reuben Alexander, Rachael Lafferty, Sam Ash, Isaac Gallagher, Terry Archer, Swerve Harris, Gawaa, Chris Lego, Terhor, Shanta, Gre Richards, Jasmine Poole, Kathy Leung, Denis Mizzi, Abbey Piaud, with more still to be confirmed…

So sharpen your elbows, get your jostle on and dig in for a bargain basement bonanza on anything that can’t be screwed down.

Did we mention there’s crab racing? And performances by The Rusty Spring Syncopators, The Sample Minds and Loonatic Spectacular. And crabs. Don’t forget the crabs.

Come early for a 6pm Sample Minds performance and stick around for an amazing evening to remember and grab yourself a xmas prezzie bargain while your at it.

The Rusty Spring Syncopators playing at 7.30..

“Drawing bigger and better crowds each gruesome vicious night with their cruel brand of crusty blues, rusty rags and manky-janky jazz, the “Original” Rusty Spring Syncopators have caused such a riproar in the barrelhouse that they may fairly be described as “gods”. Armed with the sounds from their hand-crafted junkyard contraptions and channeling the energy of a forgotten American yesteryear, this band beats out a mean tune.”

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