The Junk Jukebox set out to sea at Tortuga

Tortuga studios has had a busy 2014, back in January all hands were on deck for the creation of the Junk Jukebox. This video shows its creation and installation and features Tortugan musicians who spontaneously took to the revolving stage at the St Peters warehouse to test it out before it was shipped out and given a whirl at Bondi and Coogee beaches.

When Sydney’s creative industry needs something made that’s out of the ordinary they often get it made at Tortuga Studios. Alien Proof Construction are the backbone to the set design crew at the warehouse and constructed the revolving stage featured in this video.

Waverley and Randwick Councils, GPY&R Sydney teamed up with Will O’Rourke and The Glue Society to commission the Junk Jukebox made at Tortuga Studios.

Vectorpunk also stabled at industrial pirate island of Tortuga  produced this video and rendered the animation. Thanks to other Tortugans, Stuart Macleod and Alex Holver for capturing the original footage.

The Junk jukebox was made to encourage Sydneysiders visiting Coogee and Bondi beaches to dispose of their litter in public rubbish and recycling bins. Music was used as a behavioural change motivator in a campaign that encourages beachgoers to dispose of their garbage in bins.

When the Jukebox was tested at Tortuga studios, Tortugan musicians stepped forward and created a spontaneous memorable jam as The Revolving minds. Featured in the jam is Sid Sidlow on guitar and sitar effects, Mashy P on Animoog ipad app and Reuben Alexander on drums.

listen to the whole jam at….

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