Let Me Tell You A Story – 31.08. -GROUP EXHIBITION

From far away and close at hand hear the words in the marks and paper, a delicious collection of artists work into their art a story and stories,… Featuring Artists : Wana Oriole, Pete Strong, Sarah Clunie, Mobot, Gre Richards, SHANTA, SKULK, ANDROS, Bafcat, Clint Bautista, Terrible Horrible, David Crystalface, Skatey C, Bianca Esteban, Geoffery Goodes, Wundernuss, Tifany, CheungHa Lim, Andres Guidobono, Katie Starkey, Eva Ross, Andy Medina, LuLu CS, Nicole Holmewood, Raptorblood, Azelia and Justin Maynard & Kathy Leung …with acoustic tunes and stories – come and feel free to add your own to ours!

More than 20 artists explore how storytelling has evolved on poignant stories of our collective and individual histories. The influence of the creative line – to convey emotion and lighten a subject, or to evoke in us a passion is explored through the works, which comprise of both original works on paper and printed edition pieces.

This group show has been curated externally to be held at Tortuga, though it does include some Tortugan artists in the mix!!

Gallery Hours:

Thurs: 2-8pm,
Fri, Sat, Sun 2-6pm
Or by Appointment.

Till the 8th September.

Look forward to seeing you there!…


Featured Artwork: Wana Oriole

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