An inspection of the shadowy corners of the subconscious, like picking lint from a carpet in the house of a cat lover, Little Fluffy Clouds traverses the internal landscapes of the mind. It is the search for a glint of brilliance amid leaden chaos, calm seas between storms of emotion, boats against the current.

In this unflinchingly honest show, four powerful female artists peel back the layers of their introspection and inspiration to offer a sparkling glimpse into what makes them tick. Via their work, we are asked to consider our own mental and emotional patterns, a map that spools across our psyche like ribbons in the wind; it is a clairvoyant adventure in which the only compass is a sixth sense and an intrepid investigative bent. 

Rebekah Chisholm mines a rich mental nebula; clouds of meaning, sparkling yet diffuse, form an internal weather system that toys with her emotion, in equal part vast yet minute. It is a kaleidoscopic rabbit hole of intense beauty,

Melita Rowston’s shipwrecked ‘White Woman’ is a blank slate on which to write the white settler narrative and legitimatise colonial intent, yet her hidden eyes and the totemic symbolism that wreaths her tells a far deeper story of identity and meaning.

Christie Torrington’s New Worlds are minute landscapes that transcend traditional representations of fantasy and reality stirring lost memories and creating imaginary universes, lines blurred between lost and found, light and dark, reality and fiction.

Created during lockdown in a 4 x 6m Bangkok apartment, Phanida Kovalevsky’s Pink Koala is a rendering of the subconscious mind in neon joy, works that depict the artist finding happiness in the face of mental and physical constriction. 

Melita Rowston
Christie Torrington
Rebekah Chislett
Phanida Kovalevsky

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