19 Aug 2023


The Tattooed Woman, fire fairies, Bird Girl, an octopus hand pickled in perpetuity, a mohawked warrior and low-slung sky machines draw crowds of awe, specimens to be picked over like late-night leftovers while Management fleeces your wallet and makes plans to leave.

Unsettling, eclectic and writhing with supernatural suggestion, SIDESHOW hoves into town from the margin, dragging misconception, disbelief and congenital wariness in the dirt it trails. Featuring the work of over 30 industrial artists cast in metal and fire, performers trailing light and sound, painted faces, brocade collars and the feisty stomp of animals’ hooves, it’s a menagerie of the beautiful and bizarre.

WHERE: Sydenham Green Skatepark
WHEN: Saturday August 19th 2023
AT: 5:30pm-8:30pm


Tortuga Studios Presents Sideshow

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