new tricks 2 – group exhibition – 08.06.18


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but here’s the thing… it’s damn tricky to teach a new dog old tricks.

In fact, tricks are decidedly tricky.

In 2017, a group of artists embraced the unknown. Challenged to produce a new work from beyond the realm of their usual practice, New Tricks was mesmerizing: fine artists let loose with laser cutters; architectural timber lamps defied logic but not beauty; pencil-drawing wonder was transmuted into a lolly-formed installation that was a shrine to kitsch…

This year, there’s more. Fifteen local artists bring their obscure game and accept the challenge to use a technique, process of medium that is, as yet, possibly still unknown to them. Expect to see virtual reality, film, hand-cut printmaking, plasma-lined reimagining and more…

Alli Sebastian Wolf
Aušra Vekteryte
Elissa James
Eliza da Collage
Emma Louise
Grace Kingston
Jen Mann
Jess Pickford
Maia dal Berger
Michelle Kasparian
Nyssa Miller
Pirate Photography
Sage Fury
Willa Pratt
Zak Hutchinson

Opening 6pm Friday 8th June
Tunes by Babe Rave

Gallery hours Sat & Sun 10am – 5pm

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