In The Night Garden 2015

2014_04_18_2of2_10 Bliss 001
2014_04_18_2of2_10 Bliss 001

Into the lucid translucency of the Night Garden stomps the carnie, pie juice and fag ash smeared indelicately through his aura. Beneath gossamer skeins of light, bathed in iridescence, the candy butcher picks his teeth with a rusted safety pin before contemplating and consuming his juicy find…

Burnishing the inky darkness for just one night the Night Garden is diaphanous, a light exhibition that fills the back alleys of St Peters. But this year it is held hostage by the dark carnival of the mud circus – sliding in sideways and splayed with satire – adorning a darker shawl, woven with ruinous hedonism and lit with the glint from the ringmaster’s silver snarl.

On Friday September 25th, join us for a stroll through the garden of light that blooms just once a year and only at night; bathe in the milky splay of the projectors as they fill the cracks of our industrial space; or sit in the stillness of the shadows as they shift and slink in guilty pleasure.

But beware the carnies in for the haul, the twisted clanging of fire and metal and tar, lot lice on the loose high on burnt sugar, and the cackling dirge of demented clowns…

In association with Arcade Screenprinting, Dirty Kitsch, The Forge, The Velvet Garage, Little Flowers and Trolly’d, for the fifth year running, Tortuga Studios is proud to present some of Sydney’s most intriguing artists as they tend to their garden beneath the shadows of the night.

Follow the carnie’s bawl as it echoes along Mays Lane, a tirade of frolicking filth sullying the night garden that blooms at Tortuga Studios, its tendrils lighting the sultry dusk of Applebee and Hutchinson Streets from 6.30-9.30pm on Friday September 25th 2015.

Image credit: Garth Knight ‘Ava’

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