Perceptions of the Miraculous – Rowena Post – Solo Show

Tortuga Studios is proud to present
– New Paintings by Rowena Post

We invite you to the Opening Night Friday the 19th April 2013.

Skeletons of recollections past emerge from the marks Rowena Post has nurtured into the surface of her artwork.
The shifting hues and line work speak to the viewer of both our and others’ realities.
Dissolved and shimmering visions….Moments of clarity or just mirages?

Just as it has taken the artist some time to create her stories using lines and planes of colour manipulated into a kind of symbolism or language, it takes time to unravel the riddles and mysteries of each painting. The viewer takes away their own personal story from their experience of the painting.

In these works the artist intends you to  glimpse both the realistic and the spiritual where both are related to the rawness of life, the reality of death and abundance and the presence of hope.

The works reference the local and late Australian artists such as Ken Whisson, Ross Laurie, Angus Nivison and Ian Fairweather. They were also informed by artists such as Joan Miro and James Gleeson among others.

Working now in the New England region of New South Wales Rowena’s work nonetheless is still influenced by moments captured and carried from years spent living in the outskirts and suburbs of Sydney which have found their way into abstract landscapes flavoured with colours typical of her new home and surrounds.

The melding of the vastness of the land and country with the years spent in the intestines and gritty jowls of the concrete and red brick 70s permeates some of the more intense works.

Layers of paint were applied and worked over in a sunlit studio. Chooks, the dog and the occasional visit by a magpie provided a respite or gateway in the silence to prompt these pieces of story.

The echo of a yell from the past and the persistence of the sun swept landscape with its trees and their skeletons mix together as stories past and present converge.

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Opening Night Friday the 19th April 2013
Exhibition 19th – 28th April 2013

Gallery Hours :
11am – 7pm Wednesday-Sunday
Or by appointment
Please call : 0402 573 321 or email

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