Pictura Australiana

Rippling with bravado, Pictura Australiana channels the iconic brashness of the Young British Artist (YBA) scene of 90s London, with a distinctly Australian bent.

As part of ART MONTH 2012, sex, death, religion and much more are dissected through the murky prism of kitchen-sink realism, with a glint of backyard Australiana.

Featuring the work of 14 fresh emerging and established artists Pictura Australiana promised to be edgy, unembarrassed and proudly independent. A carnival ride into provocative sensationalism, decked in stripy sideshow awnings heavy with irony, the ringmaster ring-in is clutching a coldie and resting a leaking meat pie on his beer belly.

ARTISTS (in alphabetical order)
Will Coles, Claire Conroy, Perran Costi, Michaela Davies, Chris Fox, Justin Harvey, Charlotte Haywood, Clare Holland, Edward Horne, Garth Knight, Justin Maynard, H Morgan-Harris, Dean Sewell, Cameron Stanton
Peter Strong

The Pictura Australiana Show ran from 16th March until 30 March 2012

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