Artist VarsOne presents his second solo show


Friday June 22nd

Vars is a Sydney-born graffiti artist who made his first million when he was eight years old and bought his mumma a solid gold Benz. He has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally. In a former life, whilst working out of France, he wrote for the online graffiti source Using iron birds he has travelled extensively and plans to move to Europe in the new year to pursue further artistic opportunities. Recently he has competed in the global art battle phenomena Secret Wars (now secret walls), and has spent the last year working on commissioned works for buyers as far afield as France, Japan and Kenya. But now work is complete for his eagerly anticipated second solo show, Vars City. Vars City has been two years in the making and promises to be an incredible event that promises to immerse you in the alternate reality that is Vars City.

Showcasing VarsOne’s multidisciplinary artistic skills, works in Vars City will vary from painting and sculptural pieces to jewellery and installation. His most recent forays see him delving into design, painting, moulding, product fabrication, self immolation, public vandalisation, private bifurcation and art gallery installation. Well over 50% of the show is made from recycled materials, found on the streets of Sydney’s inner city. All of the paintings for sale on the night are done on salvaged materials, carefully selected, re-conditioned and then used to build archival quality frames and boxes that are utilitarian, beautiful in concept and visual aesthetic and as accidentally environmentally friendly as any hippy out there. As a struggling artist this method began out of necessity, with good quality canvas and frames being prohibitively expensive. As his popularity grew and desire for his works increased, VarsOne found that the conceptual phase of the creative process was aided by the conscious search for particular pieces of metal, wood, plastic etc that were being discarded but could be re-claimed, sanded hammered, oiled, painted and lovingly restored to start life as part of something beautiful and useless to enrich someone’s daily life.

So with the streets as his Art shop, VarsOne began to embark on a ambitious task of using as much recycled material or ‘street treasure’ as he could in the creation of works for Vars City.

Vars City is a City in an alternate reality, made from other cities, brought to earth for you. You only have a short period of time before the window to the Vars dimension closes and all hope of travel to this useless place is destroyed.

Vars City is on at Tortuga Studios in St Peters on JUNE 22nd and starts at 6pm going till 9.30pm.

The opening night is the time to see the exhibition, because it won’t be open any other night! And of course it will be the most super heavy fantastic exhibition that has ever and will ever occur in the history of human ‘civilisation’. Also there will be installations, amazingly inventive sculptural pieces, one off jewellery items, collectables, free plants, warming fires, crazy short films running on busted up TV’s, Dj till 9 and a great chance to see what one of Sydney’s most idiotic does when some suckas let him go wild in a gallery . If you are interested in purchasing a piece please try to arrive early as works will be the last available in Australia for the foreseeable future and enquiries are already coming through from current buyers and VarsOne aficionados!

VarsOne presents VarsCity

FRIDAY June 22nd

Tortuga Studios 31 Princes Hwy Sydney, NSW

!!!One night Only!!! 6PM – 9.30PM

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