9 Sep 2022 - 24 Sep 2022

QUEER BEASTS: Tortuga Studios x Deep Sea Astronauts @ SYDNEY FRINGE SIDESHOW

Queer Beasts are borne of drag detritus, the broken, discarded and cast-off bits that litter the floor once the costume is complete.

Flecked with sparkle, pleated in pleather, sequinned, stylish and ever shameless, these creatures hold power and pride in their hearts, reflecting the ‘othering’ of the LGBTQIA+ community and the powerful performative reaction that has grown from this demonisation.

A collaboration between Tortuga and leading costumier Alli Sebastian Wolf, founder of Deep Sea Astronauts, these beautiful creatures can be found at 47 George Street, The Rocks, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings during September as part of Sydney Fringe Sideshow.

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