20 Aug 2022

GLITCH: a playground of the apocalypse

Logs burn in iron cradles slung from the branches of a skeletal tree; the crankshaft of a carousel creaks, its horses torn free; a clown careens off a rusted wreck, fear in her eyes; and a wrecking ball clangs on tethered chains…

A haunted playground with fractured light, warped sound and a distinctly maniacal bent, this glitching kiddie corral is as far from soft fall, plastic swings and the bubblegum scent of fun as you can get. An eerie playfulness hangs suspended in the air, a pall of excitement smeared across dark shadows. You almost feel as if you could climb aboard and go for a whirl, but only the most foolish dare…

GLITCH channels a vaguely occult vibe, as if Satan had lost his income and spent the last twelve months clinging to the wreckage of his industry, too., and is a painfully playful commentary on the impact of COVID, gentrification and the loss of industrial space in the inner city.

Presented by Tortuga Studios in association with EDGE Sydenham, GLITCH is a multidisciplinary outdoor event that features the works of some of Sydney’s leading industrial artists, including Alien Proof Construction, Dillon MacEwan, Paul Francis, Jasmine Poole, Rod Nash, Rudy Grakk, Finton Mahoney, Justin Harvey, Brendan Pierce, H Morgan-Harris, Rhiannon Hopley, Lu Campbell Smith, Circusworks and more to be announced.

[This is a family-friendly show and scary only in terms of the prospects of the creative arts sector. Kids are encouraged to come and meet the sad clown.]

Roll up. We dare you… 


Saturday August 20th 4-8.30pm

Sydenham Green

Roll on up…..

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