April 2009

Rocketcar Day is a rev-head fuelled spectacle that takes places in a back alley in Sydney’s inner west beneath a smoky pall of cordite. Hundreds flock to witness the brave rocketcar pioneers who arrive armed with their inventive creations, to which they strap hobby rockets before launching them into oblivion. There are only a few rules: – You have to make your own car (attaching a rocket to an existing model car is frowned upon) – They have to be safe(ish) to race. A good way to find out if your car is safe is to test it. You learn a lot when there’s a rocketcar bearing down on you. – Cars that are too light won’t be allowed to race, because they’ve been shown to tend to fly into people’s heads. At RCD9 a little too much blood was drawn… – Remote Control: is not allowed due to it working one year. – Gyroscopic control: is allowed due to it never having worked yet. Tortuga loves the screech of tyres, the whoop whoop of a crowd and the smell of burning metal so we went along with our creations…

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