The Fire Garden – at Sydenham Green – 10.08.19

Part of Inner West Council’s EDGE Festival, THE FIRE GARDEN was forged in the roaring flames of Sydney’s industrial heartland. It is a mechanical jungle that burns bright, a vagabond plot of wild beauty cast in metal and fire from the minds of Sydney’s most eclectic industrial artists, including Dillon McEwan, Garth Knight, Alien Proof, Rachael Lafferty, Jasmine Poole, Icarus Productions, Murray Adams, Rogue Simian and more.

An unearthly estate, smouldering with dancing flames and incandescent light, THE FIRE GARDEN is a free community event that honours the proud working past of Sydenham and St Peters. It is also an analogy for the heat that is acutely focused on the warehouse arts community of this area.

Set to roar into life as the sun slinks over the horizon on Saturday 10th August, the garden will feature the work of over 40 artists, fire-based installations, interactive works, sculptures, projections, live music, DJs, campfires, food trucks and more beneath the jet trails at Sydenham Green.

“Fire’s real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences” Farenheit 451

watching-dillon-macewan158444360_2315942308669319_3143897699686809600_n59732472_2838708276353363_5131589550455390208_n— See you in The Fire Garden —

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