Toymageddon 29.11.19



In the aftermath of the toy tsunami that wreaks havoc on little-knowing parents, amidst the splinters of plastic, shattered skeletal forms, sociopathic LEGO blocks and morose button eyes that follow your tentative midnight steps to the bathroom, there exists an entertainment wasteland.

Drowning in the seemingly never-ending surf of plastic that swells ominously alongside children of all ages, Pete Strong valiantly fought the urge to bury the lot and move to the moon – alone. Forced to reconsider the shards and crackles of spent play that routinely ended up in his foot, the juxtaposition of random limbs, blinking neons and a rainbow of colour caught his eye…

Known for his searingly honest take on modern society and all that plagues it, the artist takes on consumerist culture and the ‘eat-its-young-whole tendencies’ that define it in TOYMAGEDDON. Mutant, junk-tweaked arrays of colour, shape and form adorn every surface, a multimedia storm of paintings, sculptures, prints and more that catapults the viewer from one scenario to the next.

Abandoned, broken, disused, unloved, they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure… TOYMAGEDDON is priceless.


The fantastic Toy Death live act will be playing at on the night.


For one night only at Tortuga Studios, join Pete Strong + guests Rudy Ardianto, KRISPE, BUNKWAA and more for TOYMAGEDDON

Friday 29th November 2019



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