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12 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024


dis\ruption – a group art exhibition

FRIDAY, 12th April 2024 6pm-10pm

Tortuga Studios

Tractor snarls on the highways of Europe, pandemics, Palestine shattered into dust – dis\ruption shocks the system. It can create cataclysmic change, or whimper into obscurity, but it always elicits a reaction.

From turmoil to disarray, interruption, obstruction, and Kendall Jenner ending police brutality with a Pepsi, dis\ruption has an impact. To some it is ‘marketing innovation’; to others, it is the catalyst for solidarity and a call to arms. To many, it simply requires a hurried apology for ‘the inconvenience’. More often than not, it is a challenge to the status quo, a demand that you sit up and take note…

Featuring the work of over 20 artists, dis\ruption is a group show at Tortuga Studios for which you should expect to be challenged.

Bring your reactions…

WHERE: 31 Princess Hwy St Peters

WHEN: Friday 12th April 2024
AT: 6:00pm-10:00pm

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