OUT OF THIS WORLD Denis Mizzi and Franko

Opening night this Friday 27th June, 5-9pm

Exhibition Opens 27.6.14 till 13.7.14
Gallery open ; Sat-Sun 11am till 4pm
View by appointment call Lu 0402 573 321 or H 0405 308 151
Tortuga Studios is at 31 Princes Hwy, St Peters, NSW 2044.

Eventually reality will be disclosed as a great hoax. This world is a figment of our imagination. We are living on a mutant planet falsely thinking nothing is out of the ordinary. War, pollution, materialism, power is our lot. Or is it?

Through the eyes of Denis Mizzi and Franko, Out of this World is a darkly nuanced phantasmagoria, questioning, intrigued and innately curious about the world we live in. Mizzi’s caliginous work drips with humour, understatement and bite and it asks the big questions. Franko’s work incorporates traditional and esoteric elements of religion and belief, mandalas, mystical creatures and fractal growth paths that reflect the many lives he has experienced.

With a distinguished career in the arts and a CV that unfurls into reams, Denis Mizzi has been creating a multitude of visions and leaking them to the world, slowly, continuously, almost covertly. Richly noir, slathered in dark humour, and perhaps perversely absurd, his work ranges from the aggressively political to intense reflections on the dystopia that we live in, the solitude and silence of the perceived reality and an expression of the empty space.

With work in collections all over the world, Mizzi was featured in NAVA’s Who’s Who of Australian Art and has worked collaboratively with David Miller on his literary work Spiritual Letters.

It is conceivable that Franko is better known as one of Radio Skid Row’s 88.9FM DJs, and his latest work reflects the dreamy soundscapes that cloak the airwaves on a Saturday night. Featuring a return to his jazz beginnings, his work has a figurative line and freeform sketching and it is full of hope and energy.

Franko carries the underground counter-culture scene in his veins. Arriving in Australia 14 years ago with the Bedlam sound system, a 4200 watt speaker stack that is legendary in its own right, he has lived in a multitude of communities, among musicians and storytellers, protesters and defenders, artists and renegades.

He considers the best months of his life – and formative to his reflections as an artist – were those spent in the desert during 2001. Living with local Aboriginal communities, and then on his own, the moments of solitude were precious, a space where you can find yourself. Asked why he wanted to go somewhere where there is so little Franko replies, “The desert, that’s where everything is; the desert has everything”.


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