Is it the ignominious slide from the never-to-be-replaced vinyl legends of your youth to that rainbow-hued upstart the CD? Is it the imminent death of the analog TV signal, the gentle ticking of clock hands or the seductive ex
pectation of film?

Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or cheese, analog is a hybrid beast. Distorted, clipped, ultimately authentic, analog is doomed to fail in the face of the uniform perfection of digital, yet it captures our imagination like nothing else.

Featuring the work of over 30 artists across all disciplines the Analog group show is a timely investigation into a shifting world, a world in which concepts, terms and ideas die in the face of development.

Featuring the work of:
Hamish Ta-me,
Jacq Sherry,
Garth Knight,
Francesca D’Amico,
Will Coles,
Brian Paisley,
Charlotte Haywood,
Edward Horne,
Perran Costi,
Anastasia Liolio,
Michaela Davies,
Swerve Harris,
Jo Shand,
Martin Renaud,
Tasman Munroe,
Mark Bailey,
Pete Strong,
Cameron Stanton,
Cheung Ha Lim,
Lu Campbell Smith,
Terry Archer,
Jess Bradford,
Mary Flaskas,
Nicole Holmewood,
Pirate Photography,
Raoul Manriquez,
Mark Swartz,

Sara di Terlizzi

In no particular order.

Live music  from the old skool analog stalwart Rob Joyner plus guests to be announced…. plus Sunny Bin Roving D.J

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